The Council of the College of Dental Technologists of Ontario (CDTO) is the governing body for more than 550 registered practicing and non-practicing dental technologists in Ontario. Made up of public members and members of the profession from across Ontario, Council determines the strategic direction of the College and decides on regulations, By-laws and policies in accordance with its legislated mandate. Council also determines policy to ensure that public protection remains at the centre of College activity and appoints members to the statutory and standing committees that have responsibility for carrying out the College’s regulatory functions.

The Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 gives health-care consumers a strong voice in healthcare regulation by requiring an equitable balance of elected professionals and public appointees on all College Councils. There is a minimum of twelve (12) and no more than thirteen (13) members of Council, seven (7) of whom are members of the profession elected every three (3) years by members of the College in accordance with the By-laws. A minimum of five (5), and up to six (6), members of Council are public appointees who are not members of the CDTO or another health regulatory college or Council. Public members are appointed by the government for a three (3) year term.

This complement ensures that dental technologists have the privilege, responsibility and significant authority to regulate their profession and ensure dental technology is practised in a safe, competent and ethical manner to protect the public interest.

Individually and collectively, Council brings technical skills and professional experience necessary to make decisions and develop By-laws, policies, guidelines, standards and regulations that are consistent with the legislative framework.


Committees support the work of Council. Committees include elected and public members of Council, as well as members of the College who are not members of Council.

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2017 Council Composition

Elected Members

Michael Karrandjas, Vice-President
George Paraskevopoulos
Vincent Chan
Derrick Ostner
Nicole Rotsaert
Clark Wilson
Jason Chai


Appointed Members

Harold (Skip) Bassford, President
Janet Faas
Jeff Donnelly
Keith Tarswell
Kathryn (Kate) McAllister
Terence (Terry) Price


Role of President, Vice-President and Registrar

The president is the chair of Council and Executive Committee. The president ensures that:

  • Council is fulfilling its mandate and strategic goals in accordance with the College’s By-Laws and applicable legislation, and
  • Council members understand and fulfill their responsibilities.

The vice-president is a member of the Executive Committee and performs the duties of the president in the president’s absence.

The registrar is the chief executive officer of the College and is responsible for managing the College’s operations. The registrar is accountable to Council and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Supported by staff, the registrar is responsible for implementing the College’s strategic plan and the policies approved by Council. The registrar also provides leadership and advice on the development of policies and procedures that support achievement of the College’s mandate.

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