The College’s ongoing mandate is to protect the public interest through the regulation of the professional, ethical and technical aspects of Dental Technology practice. In recent months we have been confronted with the reality of discrimination and systemic racism against Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC). Our College acknowledges its existence, publishing an anti-racism statement on our website as a first step. It is our shared responsibility to focus on this crucial issue, understand where racism exists, the forms it takes, to acknowledge that we have a problem and initiate meaningful change.

The College is actively working with all oral health regulators to take initiative, gain a deeper understanding of discrimination and systemic racism in healthcare and lay the groundwork for sustainable change. As we move forward, we are committed to engaging our registrants in active discussions and providing education and tools for reflection and change. We are committed to actively reflect on our work and seek opportunities to create a pathway to foster increased equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging (EDI-B) in College activities. Review this webpage to access Anti-BIPOC Racism Project status updates and resources from the Health Profession Regulators of Ontario..