FAQs – Profession

Do I have a right to know who is making the dental device prescribed by my dentist?

Yes. Ask your dentist. They will be able to provide you with the name of the laboratory where your device is being created and the name of the Registered Dental Technologist (RDT) who is carrying out or supervising the work.

RDTs are happy to be contacted with questions about their work, however they can only act on instructions provided in a prescription issued by a dentist. Therefore, it may be more expedient for you to discuss any initial questions you may have with your dentist who can then communicate these to the dental technologist and provide instructions where necessary.

Why should I ask who is making the dental device prescribed by my dentist?

For your safety and protection of your health. Your dental device will be constructed from a variety of materials. Dental technologists are trained in the safe selection and application of these materials for use in oral health devices and have had their overall knowledge, skill and judgement in the practice of the profession assessed by the College.

By inquiring about who is making or supervising the creation of your dental device you are helping to ensure it is being made to the high safety and quality standards set by the College and that the person making it or supervising its manufacture can be held accountable if these standards are not met.

Are all registrants of the College allowed to design and fabricate the dental device prescribed by my dentist?

No. The College has two classes of registration: (1) General and (2) Inactive. Only registrants holding valid, unrestricted General Certificate of Registration are eligible to practice dental technology. You should always check the College’s Public Register to confirm the registration status (i.e. eligible to practise) of a person offering to provide dental technology services.

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