Registration Requirements

This overview of registration requirements is for applicants for initial registration.

If you are already licensed as a dental technologist in another Canadian jurisdiction click here

If you have previously held a certificate of registration with the College click here

To practice as a Dental Technologist in Ontario, you must hold a General Certificate of Registration [link to pdf with description – see description already provided to Origami] with the College of Dental Technologists of Ontario (CDTO).

The CDTO regulates the practice of dental technology in Ontario in the public interest. Read more about the College’s role and mandate. 

In order to ensure the competency and accountability of those practising dental technology in Ontario, the College sets requirements for entry into the profession. These entry to practice requirements are described in the College’s Registration regulation, its bylaws and policies.

To become registered with the College, you must demonstrate that you meet the entry to practice requirements.

If you are considering applying for registration with the College, start by:

  1. Reading the requirements for registration [link to Anchor 1 on this page]
  2. Reviewing the application for registration process steps [link to Anchor 2 on this page] and the information about fees [link to Anchor 3 on this page].
  3. Contacting the College with any questions.

Then follow the steps for becoming registered [link to Anchor 2 on this page] with the College. Applicants should note that the entire registration process (including taking the examination) can take a number of months to complete. See the process chart [link to pdf flowchart of steps to Registration] for approximate timescales for each step.

[Anchor 1] Registration Requirements

Education [link to Anchor 4]

Registration Examination [link to Anchor 5]

Language Proficiency [link to Anchor 6]

Good Character [link to Anchor 7]

Employment Eligibility Status [link to Anchor 8]

Insurance [link to Anchor 9]

[Anchor 4] Education

All applicants must provide proof of having successfully completed:

  • Grade 12 or its equivalent


  • An approved program in Dental Technology or a post-secondary program the College considers equivalent

Determining if Your Education Meets the Requirements

If you graduated from an approved dental technology program [link to List of Approved Dental Technology Programs] you are not required to have your qualifications assessed for equivalency.

If you did not complete an approved post-secondary Dental Technology Program you must have your education assessed for equivalency.

Find out more about the education equivalency assessment process and requirements [link to pdf Getting Your Education Assessed for Equivalency][pdf to be created]

Applicants from approved dental technology programs are required to submit proof of their educational qualifications to the College. For applicants from all other programs the must receive an education qualification assessment from ICAS prior to the applicant being considered as a candidate for the Registration Examination. Applicants are advised to allow sufficient time to gather these documents and complete education assessments prior to the exam application deadline.

Find out more about submitting proof of your education and other documents to the College [link to pdf Submitting Your Documents to the College]

[Anchor 5]Registration Examination

All applicants must demonstrate that they have the knowledge, skill and judgement required to practice the profession in a safe and professional manner and to the competency standards set by the College. The CDTO Registration Examinations assesses entry–level competencies in these areas through written and practical examination components.

All applicants are required to take the examinations. However, applicants who graduated from an approved Dental Technology Program [after 2008 – check] [link to List of Approved Dental Technology Programs] are not required to take the Jurisprudence and Ethics component of the written examination.

Find out more about the Registration Examination.

Confirm if your dental technology program is an approved program. [link to pdf of Approved Program List]

[Anchor 6]Language Proficiency

Good communication is essential to providing safe and professional health care. In order to ensure Dental Technologists can communicate effectively with patients and clients in Ontario, the College requires that all applicants be able to speak and write English or French, the two official languages of Canada, with reasonable fluency.

[Applicants must demonstrate that they meet this requirement by:

  • providing proof that their Dental Technology education was delivered in English or French


  • providing proof of successfully completing a College-approved language proficiency test.] JR to check requirement.

Find out more about the language proficiency testing required by the College [link to pdf About Language Proficiency Testing] [this document will be a single sheet pdf that could also form part of an overall applicants guide]

[Anchor7]Good Character

 The College must be satisfied that you will practice Dental Technology with professionalism, decency, integrity, honesty and in accordance with the law. It also needs to confirm that you do not have any quality or characteristic (including mental or physical conditions or disorders) that could affect your ability to practice safely.

The College makes its decision on these matters by considering the information and declarations provided by you on the Examination Application Form [link to Examination Application Form] and the Application for Registration [link to Application for Registration Form].

Find out more about the College’s Good Character requirement [link to pdf The Good Character Registration Requirement]

[Anchor 8]Employment Eligibility Requirements

 All applicants must provide proof that they are a Canadian Citizen, a permanent resident of Canada or authorized under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada) to engage in the profession.

Find out about the documents you must submit to the College to prove you meet this requirement. [link to pdf of Documents to be Submitted with an Application to the College]

[Anchor 9] Proof of Insurance

The College requires that, once registered, all Dental Technologists hold professional liability insurance that complies with the requirements specified in the College By-laws. All applicants must demonstrate that they meet this requirement by completing the required portions of their online member profile no more than thirty days after of receiving notification of your registration number. Registration certificates will not be released to registrants until this proof is received by the College.

The College’s insurance requirements for members can be found here. [link to pdf Insurance Requirements for Members to include text in green below]

  • The member must be named as an insured for all settings in which the member practices;
  • The insurer must notify the College if the policy is cancelled or the terms are amended before the expiration date;
  • The insurer must be licensed with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario;
  • The policy must allow for a minimum of $1,000,000 per claim, occurrence or loss and an annual aggregate limit of not less than $1,000,000;
  • The policy does not include a deductible;
  • Where the insurance policy is of a “claims made” form, the coverage must include an extended reporting period of at least two (2) years after the termination of the insurance policy.

The College does not provide insurance for members. Prospective members should therefore allow time to make enquiries with insurance providers regarding their eligibility and associated premiums so as to ensure they can meet the College’s requirements.

[Anchor 2] About the Application Process

The College’s application process is designed to ensure a fair and transparent assessment of the qualifications and competency of all applicants.

The process has six steps:

Step 1 – Complete the Examination Application Form

Steps 2 a) & b) – Gather Supporting Documents and, if required, have your Education Assessed

Step 3 – Complete any remaining requirements prior to the examination deadline

Step 4 – Pay the Registration Examination Fees

Step 5 – Sit the Registration Examination

Step 6 – Complete the registration process and pay the Registration Fee

Read more about the steps for becoming registered here. [link to pdf Registration Step by Step]

Once you have reviewed the registration requirements [link to Anchor 1] and the fees information [link to Anchor 3]. You can start your application at Step 1 [link to pdf Registration Step by Step].

Remember, applying to the College takes time. Please allow sufficient time to complete your application, gather your documents and meet any additional requirements well in advance of the Registration Examination deadlines.

[Anchor 3]  Fees

The College charges fees for various parts of the registration process. Review the Fees page for information about the amounts due and how you can pay.

Applicants should also note that some registration requirements will incur fees payable to third parties.

[Sidebar 1 Menu Items]

Fees [link to pdf of Fee Schedule]

College Bylaws [link to pdf of Bylaws]

Approved Dental Technology Programs [link to pdf of Approved Program List]

Approved Language Proficiency Tests [link to pdf listing Approved Language Proficiency Tests]

Required Documents [link to pdf of Documents to be Submitted with an Application to the College]

Registration Step by Step [link to pdf steps to Registration]

Registration Regulation [link to Reg on elaws]

Registration Process Chart [link to pdf revised process chart]

Submitting Your Documents [link to pdf Submitting Your Documents to the College][Sidebar Menu 2 Items – place under Sidebar 1] Menu Title – Forms

 Examination Application Form [link to pdf of Examination Application Form]

Registration Application Form [link to pdf of Registration Application Form]


Please review the current fee schedule for information on the College’s fees.

2015/16 CDTO Fee Schedule [link to pdf of fee schedule document]

Fees may be paid online by credit card or by certified cheque, money order or bank draft made payable to The College of Dental Technologists of Ontario. The College does not accept cash payments or personal cheques.

Applicants for registration may be required to pay fees for service associated with:

  • Education credential assessment
  • Language proficiency assessment
  • Translation of documents

These fees are paid directly by the applicant to the organisation providing the service and are neither set nor collected by the College.

Fees for obtaining the professional liability insurance coverage required by the College are the responsibility of the member. The College does not provide insurance to members.

PAGE TITLE: FAQs – For Prospective Members section

Q: Can I practise dental technology anywhere in Canada once I am registered with the CDTO?

A: The CDTO is only responsible for regulating the dental technology profession within the province of Ontario. Other provinces have their own practice standards and regulatory bodies. If you wish to practise in another province, consult the legislation of the province in question and obtain advice from the provincial regulatory body and/or association.

Q: I have been refused registration by the College, can I appeal this decision?

A: Applicants who have been refused registration by the College may apply to the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board (HPARB) to have their application for registration reviewed. Applicants should note that HPARB cannot require the College to issue a certificate of registration in cases where the applicant does not meet a non-exemptible registration requirement. Non-exemptible requirements are those that relate to education, examinations and professional liability insurance.

Information about the appeal and review process is provided to all applicants whose application for registration is referred to the College’s Registration Committee. You should review this carefully as there are time limits for requesting an appeal or review. Applicants wishing to appeal should contact the College and HPARB for more detailed guidance.

For more information on the College of Dental Technologists of Ontario: