Applicants applying for the 2018 CDTO Registration Examinations must provide all application requirements by the posted deadlines to be eligible for the 2018 Registration Examination.

Please refer to the Registration Examination Application Form & Instructions for full details.


Part One:
Send your completed application form and required forms to the CDTO office. 

Deadline of March 20th, 2018

Part Two:
Once your application has been received by the College, your application will be reviewed for completeness.  You will then receive an email providing you with access to the applicant online self-service portal to:

  • Activate your online application
  • Pay the Application Evaluation & Processing Fee (non-refundable) of $260.

Deadline of March 28th, 2018

Part Three:
When you have completed Part Two and provided the College with all the application requirements including confirmation of education, you will receive an email requesting that you once again access the applicant online self-service portal to pay the balance of examination fees.

  • GBC Applicants graduating in the spring of 2018 must have their final official transcript sent to and received by the College no later than May 31st, 2018.   
  • If you are requesting test accommodation, please contact the College. You will be asked to provide forms and supporting documents to the CDTO no later than March 31st, 2018.

Deadline of March 31th, 2018

IMPORTANT:  Applications received after the deadline shall automatically be deferred to the next scheduled examination.  The Registration Examination is offered once a year.

 Confirmation of Education

Acceptable confirmation of education documents:

  • Graduates of an approved dental technology program
    A final official transcript must be sent directly from George Brown College to the CDTO office.  The transcript must state that the applicant has been awarded an Ontario College Advanced Diploma with a Major in Dental Technology.
  • Graduates of a non-approved dental technology program
    A completed International Credential Assessment Services (ICAS) dental technology program assessment must be sent directly from ICAS to the CDTO office.The curriculum and actual training of the dental technology program must cover at least 80% of the Competency Profile of Canadian Dental Technicians/Technologist for an applicant to be eligible to take the CDTO’s Registration Examination. Dental technology programs assessed below the required 80% will be reviewed by the Examinations Committee to determine next steps.

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