Competencies, Standards, Advisories

Standards of Practice set out professional expectations for dental technologists. They are the minimum knowledge, skills and judgement needed to practice safely and provide quality service to the public. Standards are set by the College of Dental Technologists of Ontario and all Registered Dental Technologists (RDTs) must adhere to them. The College supports its Registrant’s compliance by issuing Guidelines that describe the ways in which an RDT can apply the Standards to their practice.

Standards of Practice also promote the continuing competence of self-regulated healthcare professionals by helping Registrants continue to identify quality improvement opportunities.


Why do we need Standards of Practice?

The Standards are critical for self-regulation because they reflect what dental technologists believe is the accepted way to practice the profession to ensure that the public interest is served and protected. The Standards set out the minimum requirement that dental technologists need to meet in order to provide care that is safe, competent, and ethical and give the regulator a tool to hold Registrants accountable if they fall below those requirements.


Standards of Practice and Guidelines

Introduction to Standards of Practice
Full Dentures
Partial Dentures
Crown and Bridge
Laboratory Supervision
Infection Prevention and Control
COVID-19: Guidance for Registered Dental Technologists-Rescinded


Practice Advisories

Conflict of Interest
Display of Wall Certificates
Electronic Use of the Supervision Stamp
Administrative Suspension of RDTs


National Essential Competencies

National Essential Competencies for Dental Technology Practice in Canada, 2019 (French version)

The essential competencies were adopted by CDTO in 2019, as well as other provinces: Alberta (CDTA), Saskatchewan (DTAS), Nova Scotia (NSDTA), British Columbia (CDTBC) and Quebec (OTTDQ). This document replaces the Competency Profile adopted by the CDTO in 2011.

Where differences exist between the National Essential Competencies document and the practice of dental technology as defined by a regulatory authority in an individual jurisdiction, the jurisdictional requirements or limitations take precedence.


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