What Can You Expect

When a dental technologist designs and fabricates your orthodontics, crown and bridge, ceramics and dentures from a prescription or performs your colour matching, you can expect a professional who is acting in a safe and ethical manner to deliver high-quality care.

Every Registered Dental Technologist (RDT) in Ontario has met the College’s standards for entry into the profession, and is expected to meet the standards for professional conduct and practice on an ongoing basis. The College sets rules and develops programs to ensure that members of the dental technology profession practise in your best interests.

Dental technologists are accountable to the College for the quality of care they provide their patients and their professional conduct. The College has programs and processes in place to ensure patient and non-patient concerns and complaints about a Registrant’s conduct are dealt with in a timely, fair and transparent manner.

The website is one way in which we seek to educate and support the public and dental technologists in partnering for high-quality care. Through the website, we provide you with important information about the role of the College, how RDTs practise, what you can expect from a registrant of the College, and how the College can help if you have a concern or complaint. The website also maintains a Public Register, which provides specific information about Registrants to help you make informed decisions about who to obtain your care from.

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