The College of Dental Technologists of Ontario is proud to announce the completion of our 2021 College Performance Measurement Framework (CPMF) Report! The Ministry of Health created this initiative to determine how well regulatory health colleges of Ontario are executing their mandate, to act in the public interest. 

CPMF is divided into seven domains: governance; resources; system partner; information management; regulatory policies; suitability to practice; and measurement, reporting and improvement. These domains are interdependent and together lead to the outcomes that a College is expected to achieve as an excellent regulator. 

Performance in 6 domains is measured by the level to which a college has the required evidence: Yes, Partially or No. The System Partners domain asks Colleges to provide examples of initiatives undertaken to demonstrate collaboration and engagement.


CPMF is an annual accountability report that was first launched in December 2020. Colleges must complete the tool by March 31 of the following year. The Ministry then reviews the collective results and publishes a Summary Report. Review CDTO’s 2020 Report to understand how we performed during our first reporting year.

The Ministry also revisits the Reporting Tool and may add new reporting metrics. The 2021 Reporting Tool was released in November 2021 and had 9 additional pieces of required evidence in diversity, equity and inclusion, risk assessments, and technology. Previous areas were also divided raising the total of required evidence from 38 in 2020 to 50 in 2021.


On reflection, two themes resonate: regulation is never done in isolation; innovative regulation takes courage. Our work required us to connect and collaborate daily. We continued to lead the Access to Dental Technology Project and safely delivered the first national credential evaluation and assessment. Despite the pandemic, we increased our level of engagement with system partners to explore ways to improve the delivery of our mandate, combat racism in regulation and more.

We improved our performance on three pieces of evidence and made significant progress in many others. Review CDTO’s 2021 Report to learn more about our achievements and commitment to continuous improvement.


If you have any questions about CPMF, please feel free to contact the College at