Registration and Member Updates

Annual Renewal

All Registrants of the College of Dental Technologists of Ontario (CDTO) are required to either renew their certificate of registration or choose to resign online. Registrant’s failure to renew or resign will result in the suspension of your certificate of registration. Suspensions are recorded permanently on the Public Register and the fees associated with the reinstatement of a suspended certificate of registration include a reinstatement fee, late fees and registration fees.

To access your online Registrant portal, you will need your registrant number (4 digits) and password. A renewal notice is posted on the website, and Registrants will receive notification and follow-up reminders by email.

The CDTO’s membership year runs from September 1st to August 31st. Registrants must complete the annual renewal process, including payment of fees, no later than 11:59 pm on August 31st. Renewals after this date will incur a late fee for each month the fees are outstanding. See Schedule 5: Fees for the applicable renewal year for fee information.

General Class Registrants:

Before you begin, you must have professional liability insurance that covers the renewal year. You will be required to provide the name of the insurance company, policy number, certificate number and the expiration date. The College may request evidence of professional liability insurance at any time, a Registrant is subject to suspension for failure to comply.

To read more about Professional Liability Insurance, please click here.

Mandatory Self-Reporting

The Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 (RHPA) requires that a Registrant file a report with the College if:

  • They have been found guilty of an offence.
  • They have had a finding of negligence made against them.
  • They have had a finding of malpractice made against them.

To make a self-report, please complete the Mandatory Reporting form. The mandatory self-report must be made in a timely manner and you must report the finding during your annual renewal process.

What is an Offence?

An offence is defined in statute (law). Typically, being found guilty of an offence is punishable by a fine or jail; however, a report must be made even if the court imposes a conditional or an absolute discharge; meaning that the individual was found guilty but no further action was taken. The best-known offences are breaches of the Criminal Code of Canada or of federal drug legislation. This provision would also include speeding tickets and municipal infractions such as parking tickets. The College may inquire into these findings where appropriate.

What is a Finding of Negligence or Malpractice?

These findings occur in civil proceedings or as a result of lawsuits. For example, a finding of professional negligence by a court that you fell below the accepted standard of practice of the profession and thereby harmed a patient has to be reported. The initiation of a law suit or settlements that are resolved outside a court are not subject to this reporting obligation.

Classes of Registration

The College’s Registration Regulation (O. Reg 874/93) allows for two classes of certificates of registration:

  1. General

A registrant holding a General Certificate of Registration can practice dental technology and use the restricted title dental technologist, Registered Dental Technologist and RDT.

  1. Inactive

A registrant holding an Inactive Certificate of Registration can use the restricted title dental technologist, Registered Dental Technologist and RDT, however, cannot do any of the following:

  • Practice dental technology, even if supervised by an RDT or dentist;
  • Supervise the practice of the profession; or
  • Make any claim or representation to have any competence in the profession.

The Inactive Class is designed for Registrants who wish to take a parental, sick or educational leave, or practice outside of Ontario, but still maintain their membership with the College. The Inactive Class was not designed for Registrants who become unemployed.

Transferring Class of Registration

Registrant applications to transfer between classes of registration are subject to a transfer fee and the Registrar’s approval.

General to Inactive

Registrants holding a General Certificate of Registration can transfer to an Inactive Class of Registration during the annual renewal process by selecting the option “I am changing from General to Inactive Class on September 1st” on Part Two of the online renewal process. For all other times, please contact the College to apply to transfer.

Inactive to General

Registrants holding an Inactive Class of Registration for less than three years can apply to transfer to a General Certificate during the annual renewal process by selecting the option “I am applying to transfer from inactive to General Class” for review and approval by the Registrar. For all other times, please contact the College to apply.

Any Registrant who has held an Inactive Certificate of Registration for more than three (3) years is required to satisfactorily complete a refresher course and examinations within the fifteen (15) months before your application for reinstatement as a General Registrant.

Resigning from the Profession

Registrants may apply to retire or resign from the College during the annual renewal process by selecting the option “I am resigning my registration before September 1st”. For all other times a registrant can select the “Resign Registration” option found on the main menu (left side of screen) and answer the questions. The College will review the application and advise once the application has been approved by the Registrar. The College does not recommend that a Registrant give up their membership unless they are certain of not returning.

Application for reinstatement of membership can be made at any time, however, will be governed by the regulations, policies and registration requirements in place at the time of application for reinstatement.

Update Your Profile

All Registrants are required to notify the College of any changes to their registration information, including legal and common name, contact details or employment information within thirty (30) days of the change. The communications address provided in your profile is the key means by which the College keeps you informed about changes that affect you.

You can update your Registrant profile online. You will need your Registrant number (4 digits) and password to access your profile.

If your name has changed, please submit the documents (Government of Ontario Change of Name form or Marriage Certificate) supporting the name change by email to

Need Help?

If you are unable to access your online profile or require assistance, contact the College at 416-438-5003 or

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