Labour Mobility in Canada

To qualify for registration under Labour Mobility, an applicant must be registered in good standing, and hold a current, active and equivalent certificate of registration in another Canadian jurisdiction at the time the applicant applies for a General Certificate of Registration with the CDTO.

  • Under section 22.18 of the Health Professions Procedural Code (Code) when an applicant holds out-of-province certificate: “This section applies if an individual applying to the College for registration already holds an out-of-province certificate that is equivalent to the certificate of registration being applied for.”
  • Under section 8 of the College’s Registration Regulation 874/93, where section 22.18 of the Code applies to an applicant, it is a non-exemptible registration requirement that the applicant “provide one or more certificates or letters or other evidence satisfactory to the Registrar or a panel of the Registration Committee confirming that the applicant is in good standing as a dental technologist in every jurisdiction where the applicant holds an out-of-province certificate.” 

Ensure that your out-of-province license remains active throughout the application process. If it expires, is suspended, or becomes inactive, your application cannot be processed under the Labour Mobility provisions.



  • At the time you apply for registration with the CDTO you will be required to complete Section 1 of the Authorization Form and Section 2 must be completed by the DTR in which you are registered as an RDT, DT or TPAD. 
  • If you have been registered in more than one province, the Authorization Form must be completed by each applicable DTR.
  • You are responsible for paying any applicable fees directly to the DTR.
  • Authorization Forms completed by the DTR and sent directly to CDTO and are valid for a period of three (3) months from date of issue.  

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