CDTO is pleased to share it’s 2022 College Performance Measurement Framework (CPMF) Report. CPMF is a Ministry of Health initiative to understand how well health regulatory colleges are executing their mandate, which is to act in the public interest. Colleges use a Reporting Tool to assess their performance and submit evidence against standards.

What’s New?

In 2022, the Ministry has categorized eight existing pieces of evidence as ‘Benchmarked Evidence’. These are attributes of an excellent regulator, and Colleges should meet, or work towards meeting these benchmarks.

CDTO’s Performance

Decisions, activities, processes, or the quantifiable results (i.e., required evidence) are used to demonstrate a College’s performance against a standard. Colleges also indicate the level at which they have the required evidence by indicating Yes, Partially or No.

There are 50 required pieces of evidence in CPMF across six domains. One domain, System Partners, does not have required evidence and instead Colleges provide examples of initiatives and system partners they engage with to align oversight of the practice of the profession, support execution of its mandate, and respond to changing public expectations.

Review CDTO’s 2022 CPMF Report by clicking here.