As of June 21, 2024, the Board of Directors has decided that the College of Dental Technologists of Ontario (CDTO) will no longer issue stamps to Registered Dental Technologists (RDTs). This decision was reached after consideration of the stamp’s role within the College regulatory environment and evaluation of alternative measures that would protect the public interest.

What does it mean for RDTs?
Effective immediately, the current requirement in the Laboratory Supervision Standard that RDTs impress their stamps on the documents specified therein is no longer in force. Instead, RDTs must include the following information on any documents that previously required to be stamped, in the form and manner of their choosing:

  1. Their full name as it appears on the CDTO’s Public Register.
  2. Their registration number as it appears on the CDTO’s Public Register.
  3. The full text indicating their title as “Registered Dental Technologist”.

For clarity, any reference to the stamp within the Laboratory Supervision Standard should now be read to mean the above information.

What does it mean for other healthcare professionals who source dental prosthesis or devices?
Dentists, denturists or any other healthcare professionals who source dental prosthesis in Ontario, should check the CDTO’s Public Register before sending out any prescriptions to verify the dental laboratory address, the RDT’s name, and their registration number. After receiving the case from dental laboratory, they should look for the above identifiers and verify them on the CDTO’s Public Register.

Transition Period
From June 21, 2024, until September 1, 2024, RDTs have the option to use either the current stamp or the mandatory identifiers noted above. On September 2, 2024, the current stamp will expire, and its use will no longer be permitted. RDTs must instead include the mandatory identifiers above on all documents that previously required the stamp.

In addition, the ‘Electronic Use of Supervision Stamp’ Practice Advisory, which prohibited electronic stamping, has been rescinded.

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