Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the threat of community spread, the CDTO will be temporarily operating a virtual office as of March 18, 2020, until further notice. This decision was made to minimize College staff exposure to COVID-19 to both protect our team and reduce possible associated service disruptions.

The CDTO has systems in place to ensure that staff are fully equipped to provide services to the public and Members while working remotely. We expect to operate with few disruptions, none of which will affect the CDTO’s public protection mandate. The identified disruptions are as follows:

  1. There are no walk-in visits at CDTO. Please call us or email us for information.
  2. Courier packages cannot be received at the College office.  Please call the College first to make alternative arrangements.

CDTO staff will continue to be available via email and telephone as usual during this time. The College will provide you with a response within two business days.

Who to contact?
For inquiries relating to general information and registration inquiries including initial registration: info@cdto.ca or 416.438.5003 Ext. 221.
For inquiries relating to complaints, reports, or unauthorized practice and general information about the complaints, discipline or Practice Advisory information: complaints@cdto.ca  or 416.438 5003 Ext. 229.
For inquiries on Examinations, the status of your application, renewal, class change, public register and letters of professional conduct and in good standing: pbona@cdto.ca or 416.438 5003 Ext. 228.
For inquiries relating to the quality assurance program: qa@cdto.ca or 416.438 5003 Ext. 229.
For inquiries relating to website and communications: communications@cdto.ca or 416.438.5003 Ext 223.
For inquiries relating to Policies: policy@cdto.ca or 416.438.5003 Ext. 226
For the Registrar contact: jrigby@cdto.ca or 416.438.5003 Ext. 225.