On May 22, 2020 the Council of the College of Dental Technologists of Ontario resolved to provide a one-time registration fee relief to offset some of the financial burden experienced by RDTs not being able to practice during these unprecedented times. In arriving at this decision, Council considered its duty to work in consultation with the Minister to ensure that the people of Ontario, patients and other health care providers, have access to an adequate number of qualified, skilled and competent regulated dental technologists.

Council has approved the following one-time measures:

  • Registrants who paid the full annual general certificate of registration (GC) and RDT stamp fee for 2019-2020 are eligible for the fee relief.
  • Eligible registrants will receive fee relief of 40% of the 2019-2020 total GC and RDT Stamp fee.
  • Fee relief of $686 will be credited to the eligible registrants account and applied against the 2020-2021 fees.

The COVID-19 Registration Fee Relief period starts on March 19, 2020, the date that the Chief Medical Officer of Health required health care providers to cease non-essential services, and extends to August 31, 2020. Although the gradual restart of non-essential services took effect on May 26, 2020, Council recognized that it could take several months for dental laboratories and other workplaces to fully meet the additional requirements necessary to ensure the safety of the patient, the RDT, staff, and other health care providers.

This Fee Relief will result in a significant deficit for the fiscal year ending on August 31, 2020. However, Council is satisfied that the long-term viability of the College and its ability to regulate the profession in the public interest will not be at risk.

We thank you for your role in reducing the transmission of COVID-19 and hope that this news, as well as that of the gradual restart to health services, will provide some relief. We ask that you continue to prioritize your safety and that of the public.

We will provide more information on registration fees and return to practice guidelines in a webinar early next week. Be sure to check your emails from communications@cdto.ca.