After the conclusion of the nomination period on October 11, 2023, it was determined no eligible candidates came forward to stand for election.  

In accordance with CDTO By-law article 10.6, the College will be holding a by-election to fill two vacancies. 

Having Registered Dental Technologists on the Board of Directors is crucial for the effective governance and strategic decision-making of the College. We need RDTs to bring the wealth of expertise, skills, and diverse perspective to the table. This diversity helps ensure a well-rounded and comprehensive approach to addressing complex issues and challenges facing Dental Technology regulation. 

We understand the importance of active representation in each district, and we encourage interested Registrants to participate in the upcoming by-election. 

If you have any questions about serving on the Board, role of the Board Director or time commitment , please feel free to email us at 

Make a difference and submit your nomination.