At its September 23, 2022 meeting (Agenda Item 7.2), Council passed a motion to circulate proposed changes to the By-Laws. These changes are a result of the College’s commitment towards improving governance and modernization.  

Highlights of Proposed Changes

The proposed changes include: 

  1. Terminology Updates (Section 1.01) – updates to more commonly understood language to counter the perception that professional interests dominate the regulatory system. 
  2. Inclusive Language (Section 1.02) recognizing the feminine, masculine and those who identify with neutral, non-binary or other terms. 
  3. Eligibility for Election (Section 10.05) – ensuring that registrants demonstrate that they have the knowledge, skills, and commitment prior to becoming an Elected Director. 
  4. Criteria for non-Board Committee members (Section 13.13) aligning the terms of office for Board and Committee members. Setting criteria for non-Board members, including a maximum term of nine years. 
  5. Inactive Certificate of Registration (Section 19.05)provision to indicate that this fee is 50% of the fee for a General Certificate of Registration. 
  6. Modernization/Housekeeping – Section 12.04 is removed to permit individuals best suited for the role of a Committee to complete its composition. Schedule 2 to the By-Laws is improved to clarify that only Directors of the Board can bring forth a motion.

Click here for more details: Proposed Changes – By-Laws




To provide feedback on the proposed changes, please complete this short survey by the deadline. Respondents must include their name and email address. This information is kept confidential, and respondents are instead identified as a member of the public, a registrant, or a stakeholder. 


CDTO reserves the right to refuse feedback that is not related to the consultation, or is abusive (e.g., threatening, discriminatory language). 


Feedback is open until November 27, 2022.