The CDTO has updated its guidance for COVID-19 to reflect:

• Changes to Provincial public health restrictions related to COVID-19
• Best available evidence and ease of precautions for oral health practitioners in compliance with the direction of public health authorities
• Alignment with the other Ontario oral health regulatory colleges

The updates include:

• Minor amendments to ensure overall consistency with the guidance of Ontario’s other oral health professions, the dental hygienists, denturists and dentists
• Reduced the percentage target for aerosol removal from 99.9% to 99.0% which has the effect of shortening the fallow times
• More latitude to administer aerosol-generating procedures with proper precautions as outlined in this guidance
• “RDTs’ duty to report a COVID-19 positive patient” section is omitted according to Health Protection and Promotion Act: Duty to report disease
• Deleting “Return to Practice” from the title

Click here to read the new version of COVID-19: Guidance for Registered Dental Technologists.

As the situation evolves and more is known about COVID-19, the College will continue to update the guidance contained in this document.