As you know, on June 10th of 2022, the Ministry of Health released a new guideline which replaces
directive #1.

CDTO, in partnership with Ontario’s three other oral health regulatory Colleges (representing dental
hygienists, dentists, and denturists), updated our COVID-19 guidance for RDTs to reflect current
evidence and the MOH guidelines. These updates include:

  • RDTs must assess all patients and visitors to determine the risk of COVID-19 transmission in
  • order to identify appropriate interventions (i.e., additional precautions, PPEs)
  • Masking is no longer mandatory for all patients and visitors except:
    • when they are suspected or confirmed of having COVID-19 based on screening or a
      personal risk assessment
    • as per the organization’s individual health policy
      • While patient/visitor screening remains in place at this time, staff screening and its record-
        keeping requirement is no longer a requirement. However, self-monitoring is still strongly
      • Additional PPE requirements related to patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 (see
        Table 1)
        • Patients or visitors with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 are required to wear an
          ASTM level 1 procedure mask prior to entering the building or dental laboratory
          The College continues to work with the other oral health regulatory Colleges to explore further opportunities to refine and update the unified guidance documents and to promote safe and high-quality care for patients.